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The Saturday eTique Post

The Saturday eTique Post is a free weekly publication of eTiqueMarket containing commentary, history and advice for collectors, published each Sunday at midnight to avoid interference with your Saturday evening frivolities. Erudite and ambitious writers wishing to contribute to the general wealth of knowledge of the public should inquire within.

From Beatlemania to Collectomania

Some Observations on the State of The Beatles Collectibles

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We republish an article published about 6 years about The Beatles collectibles and if the market had staying power now that its comtemporary patrons are dishoarding rather than acquiring. We republish this article in an anticipation of a follow-up measuring the accuracy of our first assessment.

Give the Lady What She Wants

A Quick Review of the 1896 Marshall Field & Company Catalogue

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Joseph Schroeder, Jr edited a reproduction of the 1896 Marshall Field's catalogue which provides a fascinating glimpse into the times of the mid 1890s following the sharp economic depression of 1893, and following the famous Columbia Exposition of 1892 in the home town of the famous retailer.

The Story of Early American Porcelain

Exploring the tentative starts and flowering of American porcelain

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Most Americans probably take for granted the existence of a strong domestic porcelain industry given its successes in the 20th century, but permanence and prosperity would elude it for over a century. We take a brief peek at these early years and trials and triumps of its early innovators.

eTique Collector: Lalique Signatures

Just because it says Lalique does not mean that it is Lalique

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Lalique signatures are often used to help date a piece of his glass, with the R and R. being signals of pre 1945 productions. This is simply not the case, at least not to the point of being infallible. We offer some examples from Christopher Percy to illustrate our point.

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