eTiqueMarket Shopping Policies and Practices

We hope you enjoy your visit to eTiqueMarket. To provide transparency to our policies and practices, we have outlined them here as simply as possible.

Return Policy

Please bear in mind that eTiqueMarket is a collaborative marketplace whose merchants have different policies based upon the natures of their businesses, as well as those of their products. Consequently return policies will vary from merchant to merchant. Please confirm with him or her any requirements you have concerning returns. All of our merchants want to earn your business, and will take reasonable steps to accomodate your needs.

All eTiqueMarket merchants are required to stand by the identifications and conditions they make about their products. If you encounter an instance where this is not true, please open a support ticket for our firm to address. We want you to be satisfied with your purchases.

We recommend customers to use tracking for return shipments.


Refunds are issued by eTiqueMarket when the seller has received returned goods. Unless otherwise negotiated prior to purchase, the customer is required to pay for return of goods except in the case where merchandise is improperly identified in which instance the seller will refund all shipping expenses. Refunds are issued no later than one business day from the time of notification that a return has been received. Sellers are required to notify eTiqueMarket within 1 business day of receipt of returned goods. Business hours are 10a - 6p Monday - Friday.

Payments for Goods

Customers may pay for goods with either Paypal checkout or standard checkout using Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or American Express. We are a bit old fashioned in that we allow payments by check, but this method incurs delays in fulfillment of your purchases. Checks are payable as shown below, and incur a 5% non-refundable handling fee.