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The Armor Bronze Company is an American decorative arts firm which began life in 1912 as National Metalizing Company, well known for using a bronze clad technology which electrostatically bonded bronze color metal to objects, usually those found in the home or office.

Contrary to some reports of an earlier existence, Bizapedia documents incorporation on February 7, 1912 with offices in New York City. Other sources name New Jersey as the location of its manufacturing center. Interestingly enough, the same source lists the company as still operating though we know of no products produced, distributed, or marketed today.

Antique Bookends reports that the company ceased operation in 1948 from Taunton, Massachusetts where it operated starting in the 1930s. Around 1920 it advertised as the Armor Bronze Company.

The manufacturer prospered with its domestic product lines using Art Nouveau inspired designs, but came into its own during the Art Deco period. The firm was well known for its bookends which depicted a broad range of subjects from the classics as well as from genre domains.