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Special Requests

Are we fresh out of dreams? Fret not - help might be on the way. Please submit items on your wanted list to our support desk. We will circulate it among our dealers who may have one hidden away in the "back room", or who may add it to his shopping list while scrounging up new finds. It can't hurt to ask - it won't cost a cent.

All you have to do is visit our Support page and submit a Find Request. Include as many details as possible such as size, color, maker, age, condition and whatever else is relevant to your eTique. As an example, you might be looking for a platter

I am looking for a Staffordshire rectangular platter about 18" long, flow mulberry, needs to be in perfect condition, made in the 19th C. It should be a scene from India. I am willing to pay 300-500 dollars.

Or something like that. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase - it is simply a way to help us understand what our shoppers want without hiring an annoying telemarketer to call you during dinner time for your latest wish list. wink

Get Found

Do you have eTiques for sale? Are they getting the exposure you desire? If not, consider getting found by our eTiqueFind search engine. The monopoly search engines are not compassionate towards websites failing to meet their stringent requirements for speed, layout, and formatting. But as an independent search engine, we make the rules which make it easier for you get the exposure your business to thrive.

Visit our directory service to get your website listed in our search service. Follow this link to our eTiqueMarket Registration page after which you can select the eTiqueFind One Year Listing for inclusion in our search database.