The Game of Authors, Parker Brothers, Possible First Edition

The Game of Authors by Parker Brothers with 52 cards and rules. The box is in fair condition meaning that it is intact and solid, but it shows considerable fraying and shrinkage, and has a small break at the seam shown in one of the picture. On the other hand, this game is a gem and very desirable. Parker Brothers produced its first version of this game in 1897.

The following is my opinion and I do not warrant the information. I believe that this is the first edition of the game produced by Parker Brothers. The rules refer to the World's Fair of 1892 which commemorated the Columbian Centennial. Consequently, I suspect that 1897 would be the latest at which such a reference would be made. Secondly, the printing technique is drop dead gorgeous. Subsequent versions of this game had much simpler boxes - even as early as 1910. So let's talk about the printing.

The author picture is a half tone, but other elements are either wood block or hand colored - especially in the garland at the top. The printing used to create the label are diverse and complex. This alone makes the game worth owning. So combined with the quality printing to be used for a debut, and the reference to the World's Fair, I believe this version of the game to be the first. The gilding around the edges is to die for.

One other note about the rules. On the back are a list of games the company wanted to push. The game for the Spanish American War is not listed, giving me another reason to think that game is the first version, and thus a holy grail for collectors of this game.

5 3/4" x 3 7/8"

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