Pewter Flask (prisemkann)

This pewter vessel is most likely a flask of Swiss origin dating to the first quarter of the 19th C. Its unadorned octagonal sides taper gently to a terraced shoulder having an octagonal tier and a rounded one supporting a threaded neck for screwing on the cap, the top of which has an eye for holding a ring. The underside is flat. The lid has one indistinct mark while the underside has 5 marks, 4 of which are unidentified and in varying states of wear.

Condition is very nice with acknowledgement of slight wrinkles, warps, slight dings, and a small indentation in the neck which is concealed by the cap. We believe that the cap is missing a ring through the cap's eye. The warm patina nicely compliments the fine craftsmanship used to make this somewhat complex flask.

Additional photos supplied upon request - especially to reveal the upward taper in the flask - slightly reminiscent of a lighthouse.

Dimension: 9"  h

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