Graflex Speed Graphic Camera with Flash and Case, c. 1953

This is the ultimate Graflex Speed Graphic bundle - there is almost too much here to list. For starters, this offering includes the camera, the Graflex flash, the original case, the flash cord, 2 Edna Lite lens filters, Kodak retaining ring, 2 unknown devices, straps, Graflite instruction manual, instruction book for Weston Master II exposure meter, service repair record, depth of field chart, sales brochure, sales equipment supplement, a flash bulb, and a couple of photos taken by the original owner, Bill Postin of Canton, Illinois whose repair request is dated April 11, 1972. Not pictured is the leather strap which attaches to the left side of the camera since it is broken. However, it could be repaired for those desiring full authentic accessories.

As for condition, the case has some scuff marks, and its lid shows some slight indentation on the lid. The documents are toned, aged, and curled. The lightbulb may not work. I don't know if the camera works. The camera has some abrasions to its finish. The flash has some grunge. But all in all, this camera bundle is in great condition for 70 years of age.

For those interested in provenance, Bill Postin (1928 - 2015) appears to be the original owner who lived his life in Canton, Illinois where he worked for International Harvester and the Canton police department.

As reference for this camera, you may be interested in watching Antiques Roadshow Winterthur Part 3 at around the 14 minute mark in which the appraiser appraises a comparable camera for 800-1100 in January 2020. That camera was in somewhat better condition cosmetically, but did not have the flash cord, filters, manuals, case, and other accessories of this camera.

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